Possible Approaches for Cooperation

Scenario 1 - With a Funding Company

After the first two European Engineering Teams (EETs), funded by the European Union, it is our goal that the European Engineering Teams will continue with company funding. In such a scenario...

- Interested universities will be integrated within an EET project on sustainable engineering sponsored by a company

- The cooperation of masters students will take place on a virtual basis and will also involve at least two real meetings, funded by the company

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Scenario 2 - Without a Funding Company

In the case that the EET does not recieve company funding, continuation of the project and further cooperation will still be possible. In such a scenario...

- Universities will be integrated into an EET project on Sustainable Engineering

- The cooperation of masters students will take place on a virtual basis

- The possibility of one university-funded final meeting will be considered

Scenario 3 - Master Thesis

If an alternative to directly participating in the EET is necessary or desired, another possibility for collaboration would be through a masters thesis in the area of sustainable engineering. In such a scenario...

- Participating universities could offer a masters thesis in sustainable engineering. This could be related to the EET project work at third-party universities

- The masters thesis students could take on the role of "external experts" for very specific topics concerning the EET Project


Scenario 4 - MOOC on Sustainable Engineering


One important intellectual output of the EET is an MOOC on Sustainable Engineering. This also presents an opportunity for collaboration. In such a scenario...

- Third-party universities will have the opportunity to use the contents of the MOOC in order to teach sustainable engineering concepts at their own university, as the MOOC will be published on an open-access platform such as Coursera

- Interested universities could also contribute to the MOOC by developing their own e-lectures on specific topics in the field of sustainable engineering

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, or have an alternate idea about how your research institute or university could collaborate,

please Contact the coordinators to discuss the possibilities!