Project Summary - Anchora Quarter Pallet

WHAT: A reusable and connectable pallet quarter the size of a standard Euro-pallet
WHY:   Gain flexibility and avoid repackaging of goods

What is the current situation?

The standard Euro-pallet (EPAL) is widely used to transport goods from producers to consumers. These mostly wooden pallets are relatively cheap and have fixed dimensions. Current economic trends, such as shorter product life cycles and e-commerce have led to an increased frequency of deliveries with smaller loads. Figure 1 shows a typical delivery process.

The EET solution mainly increases efficiency at the logistics hub but is also beneficial at many other points in a supply chain.


Figure 1: Typical delivery process



Figure 2 - Four connected Anchora Quarter Pallets

What is the EET's Solution?

Anchora is a pallet with the same size of a standard Euro pallet (1200 by 800mm). It can however be split into four equally sized quarter pallets. These quarter pallets each have a locking mechanism so that each quarter can be attached to any other quarter to form larger pallets.


Customers will gain flexibility in their supply chains by using quarter pallets that can be configured to form any size pallet that is needed. This will help companies avoid repackaging their goods into smaller quantities. With the Anchora quarter pallet the producer can pack their produce onto a standard size pallet. This can then be delivered directly to the customer, were each customer splits off one quarter pallet.

Sustainable Innovation?

Anchora Quarter Pallets will be made out of recyclable plastic. This makes the pallets re-useable up to 70 times. Currently pallets smaller than a Euro-pallet are usually single use and thus create a lot of waste.


By using Anchora companies avoid producing wood waste and can also avoid unnecessary repackaging. Goods are usually secured on pallets with plastic wrap. By using Anchora companies reduce the amount of times their products have to be repackaged, thus reducing plastic wrap waste.

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