Non-Profit Organizations and NGOs - Opportunities for Cooperation

Scenario 1 - Direct Collaboration with the EET

The EET partners recognize that Non-profit organizations and NGOs have an important role to play in the development of a more sustainable society. If your organization is involved in issues related to sustainability and engineering then you could directly cooperate with the EET to develop innovative, effective and implementable solutions. In such a scenario...

- Your organization will provide the EET with a sustainable engineering problem.

- The EET Master's Students will cooperate with each other, your organization, and any other stakeholders in order to develop a solution. Meetings will take place on a virtual basis, with the goal of having at least two real meetings, which your organization would help fund.

- You will have access to some of the most excellent engineering Master's students from various countries, who are equipped to cope with the challenge of sustainability and solve problems with entrepreneurial thinking.

- You will obtain an implementable solution the problem.

- Your organization will have the opportunity to contribute to an innovative, multidisciplinary and intercultural project that will improve the quality of higher education and provide the next generation of engineers with the competencies required to work in the dynamic global economy.

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Scenario 2 - Indirect Cooperation with the EET

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If your organization does not have a sustainable engineering problem that would require working directly with the EET, but is still interested in collaborating with this innovative program, there are many opportunities available. In such a scenario...

- Your organization could provide monetary sponsorship to the EET, which would help facilitate the activities of the EET – such as travel for real meetings, purchase of material for prototype development, etc.

- Your organization could provide the EET with real-life case studies to analyze.

- Your organization could help create contacts between the EET and companies or other interested stakeholders who could benefit from collaboration with the EET

In exchange for your organization's contribution, the EET can provide you with...

- Consultation on specific issues related to sustainability in engineering.

- Increased visibility and publicity through the EET website, Social Media, and other future promotional material and presentations

- A broader sustainability network, by creating contacts between your organization and various students, universities and companies collaborating with the EET

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, or have an alternate idea about how your organization could collaborate,

please Contact the coordinators to discuss the possibilities!